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We're serious about using our talents to be the change we want to see in the world, are you?

 The film / creative world can be harsh and backstabbing in many ways, and we don't subscribe to any of that. We are a family,  we have come together as a diverse collection of people - different ages and backgrounds, to bring stories to life through film and media.


We only work on projects that we love and that we think are important, telling stories authentically, with passion and with expertise.


We produce films that sit in both the 'independent film' and the 'mainstream film' world, without pretense. If you are actively interested in seeking out new things, if you are tired of the way the film/ tv industry pays lipservice to diversity, without actually being committed to elevating stories that aren't often heard then you are Solaris2.


the concept creation and planning phase

Whether you have  a concept in mind that you want our creative team to execute, or you want us  to come up with a concept, to present to you. Whichever the case may be, we'll sit down as a team and make sure the idea has “legs,” or can be produced within your budget and with excellence.

We do the legwork and necessary organisation behind the scenes such as: finding and hiring talent, getting props and costumes lined up, securing locations and then scheduling shoot times.

What We Do

Between us we have a wealth of experience in film and video production which we employ to tell your story or bring your brand come to life. We give your message wings and stimulate your senses with all the glamour of TV

  • Campaigns & Brand Films

  • Mini-Series

  • Documentaries

  • Music Videos & Promos

  • Corporate & Event Films

  • Research & Mood Films


execution of the concept

Lights, camera, action. The production phase is where we capture the raw footage, with a focus on sticking to the budget and schedule.

We use a range of cameras and specialist equipment to make sure that the concept is met or exceeded.


editing, graphics/animation, 'polish'

We take the notes, storyboards and script which were captured/created in the production phase and use it to start putting all the footage together to create the final product. 

Graphics and Animation, the next phase of postproduction, involves the placement of any and all logos, overlays and visual FX, and then animating these elements.

Before delivery we 'polish' the edit, this includes colour correction, mastering audio and adding that little extra something to make the final product really stand out.

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Post Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
Production Assistant

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